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Lada Niva R16 Wheel Tyre Tube

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The tube comes with the TR13 Valve type.

It's thinner than old version TR15, and we don't recommend to use it on the old type of rims.

You can find a washer and put it under the valve, to make a hole in the rim smaller. This is the easiest way to fit this tube if you don't have a choice. 

You can see the difference between the TR13 with the TR15 here -

With the new modern steel rings that we sell or that comes from the factory from the 2009 year, this tube works perfectly.

The tube comes without a valve core. You can buy it from us.

Valve core - Product code: 23747

Plastic type Air cap - Product code: 24618

Screwdriver type Air cap - Product code: 23748

Partnumber: Tube
Product Code: 22896
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