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Lada Niva C-Pillar + Bonnet Scoop Kit Aeroeffect Optimal APS163

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Features of the device "Aeroeffect OPTIMAL":
- New, modern design that improves the appearance of the car.
- Increased area of ​​the inlet window, which contributes to a larger amount of air entering the heater.
- Convenience and reliability of installation:
Hooks on the hood allow you to hang it up and free your hands (or not need an assistant) to screw it onto the hood. Five retention points through the bonnet vents allow the bonnet to be securely and evenly pulled to the body.
The side pillars are fastened with latches and additionally fixed with double-sided tape. No body drilling required. The complete absence of any plugs.

Aerodynamic features and design of the LADA 4x4 vehicle.
Functionally, the ventilation grille located on the bonnet is divided into two zones:
a) air intake area for the interior heater;
b) ventilation area of ​​the engine compartment.
In this regard, the pad is also divided into two zones with countercurrents, which do not allow mixing of streams, located in the same housing. Accordingly, they function in different ways.
Aerodynamic features of the car. The movement of air currents flowing around the car during its movement plays a decisive role in the design of these linings. The air intake zone is located in the zone of maximum compression of the air flow (in front of the windshield, against the direction of the vehicle), which determines the high filling of the system with air. On the contrary, the exhaust zones have a position in the places of maximum vacuum (on the side of the lining on the hood and in the rear on the side skirts), due to which forced exhaust of the exhaust air into the atmosphere is achieved (the ejection process takes place). The design of the linings ensures minimal resistance at the air inlet and outlet, which in turn, in combination with the selected cross-section of the inlet and outlet windows, ensures optimal ventilation of the passenger compartment.
Functionality. The linings do an excellent job with the protective function, preventing the free penetration of foreign objects, snow and water into the heating system, both when the car is moving (the inlet is located opposite the direction of travel) and when parked (the hood cover completely covers the grill on top). If additional cleaning of the body is required, these elements can be easily dismantled and installed again, which would be impossible with a permanent connection.
Test and operation results:
- ventilation of the passenger compartment when the car is moving at an average speed of 60 km / h has the required performance even when the heater fan is off;
- interior heating is carried out for a shorter period of time and has a more even distribution;
- absence of excessive fogging of the passenger compartment in wet and snowy weather;
- The value of aerodynamic noise in the rear of the vehicle, especially in a crosswind, is significantly reduced.

Partnumber: 070130
Product Code: 25892
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