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Lada Niva Reinforced Front Drive Internal Shaft Kit (For the 24 teeth System) Izh-Techno

€ 549,63
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Weight: 13.500
Partnumber: IZH
Product Code: 25048

The best quality of the Izh-Techno factory.

Made for the cars after 2004 Year with the 24 teeth system of the front differential.

Internal CV joints of this design have greater strength compared with stock CV Joints and tripods.

Kit doesn't include outer CV joints!

The front drive Niva "Tourism" can be used with wheels of higher dimensions and increased ground clearance, which generally contributes to a significant increase in off-road characteristics of the Niva.

high strength
Reinforced CV joints and drive shafts are made of high-strength chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel and are able to withstand extreme loads in off-road conditions.

Easy assembly and installation
Installation and disassembly of the inner CV joint takes a short time. During installation, you only need to install the retaining ring of the inner CV joint and tighten the 6 screws.
In case of wear of components, there will be no problems either: repair kits for front-wheel drive Niva from IZH-TECHNO are always available for purchase.

Provide the required magnitude of the angles of work with reliable design
The internal CV joint of the Lebro type (Loebro) has increased work angles, which provides a greater suspension travel with less vibrations. This distinguishes this type of CV joint from the Tripod hinges, the angles of which are strongly limited due to the design features. At the same time, the reinforced CV joints from IZH-TECHNO have a more reliable design compared with ball joints of a birfield.

Designed for larger wheels and moderate suspension lift
Front-wheel drive Niva designed to install larger wheels and lift the suspension to 2 inches.


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