Lada Niva Transfer Case 3 Point Support With Guard

USD 179.00
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Weight: 12.500
Partnumber: 2121-1801010 3 Point 21213
Product Code: 22038
Advantages :
Reducing noise and vibration
-Provides reliable protection the transfer case from the bottom. 
Fixing to vehicle frame longitudinal, thereby providing a more secure fit in comparison to standard fitting.
- Does not prevent service transfer case and drive shafts.
Installation instructions:
1. Before installing the subframe (item 1, Figure 1) should fix the gearbox (item 2, Figure 1) with respect to the traverse (claim 5, Figure 1) for disassembly-assembly convenience Gearbox mounting pads (p.Z , Figure 1)
2. Remove the transfer case from the front axle driveline (item 4, Figure 1) after making marks on the flanges for further assembly.
3. Dismantle the transmission axis pads (claim 7,
4. Assemble the axle mounting pads CPR additional plate (see item 8, Figure 1 and claim 2, ris.Z) collect PPC pillow and collect driveline.
5. Raise the subframe, to temporarily fix it, fix additional plate CAT cushion (see item 8, Figure 1 and claim 2, ris.Z) on podram-
6. Mark the holes on the car through the holes in the longitudinal members of the subframe brackets (claim 5 and claim 9 Figure 2, Figure 1)
7. Disconnect the extra plate of the subframe and remove the subframe.
8. The spars drill holes) of 14.5 mm under the bushes size, install grab the sleeve and welding.
9. Check whether the holes are lined up on the brackets with the subframe bushings and fully welded sleeves to the body.
Secure the subframe to the body by means of bolts M10h95 (PB, Figure 1). Alternately disconnect support (p.2,4 Figure 2) the transfer case from the body and rotate 180 degrees, and mounted on a subframe (item 1, Figure 2).
11.Install the third leg (p.Z, ris.Z and p.Z, Figure 2) transfer case (supplied complete with sub-frame).
Pull all bolted connections.


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