Lada Niva / 2101-2107 1500cc 1600cc Contactless Electronic Ignition Set

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Weight: 2.200
Partnumber: 2103-3706010 038.3706
Product Code: 70211

Fits all Lada Niva 1600cc With a Carburetor

Fits all Lada 2101-2107 1500cc 1600cc With a Carburetor 

Installation Video from Ladapower you can find here -

A set of the new special spark plugs for the electronic ignition required!

Product code: 24567 or product code: 20135

Why you need the electronic ignition for your Lada? 

#1 - Electronic ignition helps you to start your Lada easier especially in a cold time of the year.

#2 - The new system generates a more powerful spark. As a result - stability in the engine work throughout the engine speed range.

#3 - Fuel economy approx 0.5-1.0L / 100km

#4 - You can rely on electronic ignition. The need for maintenance occurs much less frequently. 

#5 - You can easily install the kit yourself, using our YouTube instruction!

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