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Lada Niva / 2101-2107 Denso Nickel Twin Tip W20TT Tuning Spark Plug Set

€ 19,28
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Weight: 0.400
Partnumber: W20TT
Product Code: 70176

Fits all Lada With 8v Engines. 

The world's first Twin Tip (TT) plugs, patented by DENSO, have a nickel center electrode and ground electrode less than 1.5 mm in diameter. This technology brings TT spark plugs closer to the premium DENSO Iridium spark plugs in terms of ignition efficiency, but without the use of precious metals, thus reducing the cost of spark plugs. DENSO TT spark plugs are suitable for both LPG and petrol engines. They are ideal for drivers who value efficiency and ignition reliability.

DENSO TT spark plugs are designed for cold starts. Improved sparking performance for more reliable engine starting. Because it now requires a lower voltage to start your engine, the engine starts much faster and more confidently, even in extremely cold weather conditions. With an exceptionally thin center electrode of 1.5mm compared to the standard 2.5mm, the spark produced is much stronger, improving ignition efficiency, which is especially important at low temperatures

Watch video about the TT Spark PLugs

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