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Lada Niva / 2101-2107 Undeformable Spacer Sleeve Izh-Techno

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Partnumber: 2101-2402029
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This spacer sleeve fits any Lada Niva or Classic Lada.

Package contents:

Sleeve - 1 pc.

Adjusting washer 0.1 mm - 6 pcs.

Adjusting washer 0.15 mm - 3 pcs.

The standard sleeve is deformable and does not provide a constant preload in the differential bearings when reassembling the assembly, which leads to accelerated wear of the bearings, thereby drastically reducing the life of the differential as a whole.

The spacer sleeve from IZH-TECHNO provides constant preload throughout the entire service life.


The sleeve is easy to install and adjust using the included shims.

The spacer sleeve is a ready solution, no additional turning work is required. Everything you need is already included.

The spacer sleeve greatly facilitates the maintenance of the differential, the torque adjustment is required only once and will not be required in the future.

When repairing or diagnosing a differential, the standard sleeve should be replaced; reuse of the dismantledspacer sleeve is not provided. The IZH-TECHNO sleeve does not require replacement during dismantling, and can be installed several times, you just put it back and save time and money.

When installing the spacer sleeve from IZH-TECHNO, the adjustment of the bearings is very accurate and simple.

Instruction of installing here:

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